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After struggling for years with depression, a friend of mine suggested that I learn some essential self-help techniques. I attended a few seminars where I learned the basics, and then I worked hard with a therapist to learn techniques for managing stress and disappointment on my own when I wasn't around anyone else. At first, I wondered how much these simple techniques could help me, but after awhile, I realized that the new techniques were really working. Nowadays, I am happier than ever before, and I even made this blog to learn more about how to keep yourself happy every day.



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5 August 2015

Corian countertops are a less-expensive alternativ

Three Reasons Why Corian Countertops Should Be Handled With Kid Gloves

Corian countertops are a less-expensive alternative to granite and marble countertops because they have very similar appearances, textures and benefits. Unfortunately, this countertop material is not for everyone as it needs to be handled with kid gloves. There are at least three reasons why you need to be careful if you have or if you choose Corian for your countertops.


Despite the engineering behind this countertop material, it can still be scratched rather easily. Since it is supposed to mimic granite in a lot of ways, it only makes sense that it can be scratched just like granite. Anything heavy, sharp or rough needs to stay off your countertops or you could end up with some very visible scratches. (The darker the color, the more likely the scratches will show. You are less likely to notice scratches on this type of material if it is white or a really light pattern involving white, since the scratches always appear white.) The one positive aspect about scratching this material versus scratching granite is that Corian is easier to buff and polish.

Low Heat Resistance

Although some might argue that 212 degrees makes a decent heat resistance level, it does not resist boiling hot pans, bowls and liquids set directly on the surface. In many videos and online resources on "how to refinish Corian countertops", it is suggested that anything really hot should be set on a trivet, if you have to set it on the countertops at all. It will prevent burns, melting, unintentional contortion and heat-set stains, which would also require a lot of sanding and buffing to remove or even out.

Powerful Cleaning Chemicals Should Be Avoided

Acrylic countertops usually only require a warm, wet dish cloth and maybe a little dish soap. If you have some seriously stuck-on foodstuffs, a sponge with a scratchy pad on one side should be sufficient to remove the stuck stuff. Some sources say that a steel wool pad is acceptable, but if you rub too hard with steel wool you could scratch the surface in an attempt to remove the sticky mess. Sanitation should be limited to a very dilute bleach and nothing else, as it could weaken the surface and subject it to easier scratching. By all means, industrial strength cleaners and gunk removers should be avoided entirely. If you still cannot get something sticky removed, a countertop installation expert can buff the spots to remove things like gum, egg white, and syrup.